4 Reasons to Support Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota is home to Native Americans who come together as a result of shared historical trauma to support each other and preserve native culture. While reservations qualify for grants, contracts, and additional financial assistance from the federal government, that only goes so far. When you travel to the reservation to enjoy it for yourself or while you're reading about it now, you can help by giving a small donation. Here are four reasons to support the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

1. Keep History Alive

Native history and culture sadly deteriorated rapidly after Europeans conquered the land and forced the natives to assimilate. On the reservation, children can learn traditional native foods, myths, crafting techniques, and languages. 

Furthermore, a lot of history took place at Pine Ridge Reservation, including the Battle of Wounded Knee and the Pine Ridge Shootout that took place between protestors and the FBI. 

History repeatedly minimized the trauma of native American cultures and their significance in developing America into the country we see today. Reservations strive to teach the truth and correct the history taught in schools. 

2. Support Residents of the Reservation

Residents directly benefit from donations for Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The money allows young children to go to school, and it helps provide shelter for everyone on the reservation. The people you meet on the reservation are the people who will use the money toward groceries or bills. 

3. Donations Count As a Write Off

While you should have more important reasons to donate, it doesn't hurt that you can write off your donation when you do your taxes. You will get a majority, if not all, of the money back from your taxes. Keep the receipt of your donation and keep it in a file cabinet for safekeeping. 

4. Promote the Respectful Merging of Cultures

Reservations should absolutely not feel like a segregated place to keep Native Americans out of the way. Contributing to the reservation demonstrates two worlds coming together. You are showing that you consider native culture a part of American culture and your culture. Small generous actions can truly bring people together, even if it happens slowly. It is true that every penny counts.

We all benefit from the beauty of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and indigenous culture. Pay your respects and contribute to the preservation of the culture of North America's historical ancestors.   

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